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Sasol Solvents Germany GmbH, Moers
Purification of AOX polluted water with activated carbo filters, approx. 5-10 m³/h

The company Sasol Solvents Germany GmbH with the plant in Moers operates a production facility in which the AOX contaminated water is obtained. This water is purified by activated carbon filtration.

For this purpose, 2 activated carbon filter container should be installed, which are operated in series. The first container is used as a working filter, the second container as a "police filter". After exhaustion of the working filter, they are "regenerated" and the police filter is converted to a new working filter which is operated alone for the duration of the regeneration. After regeneration, the fresh regenerated police filter is switched on again in series of work exchanger.

Regeneration takes place on a steam cleaning, in which each of the filter is rinsed with hot steam to remove impurities. The strong abrasion of the activated coal is separated in the regeneration phase and the cotainer is reloaded.