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Sasol Solvents Germany GmbH, Moers
Removal of Ni and Cr from the contaminated water, about 5-10 m³/h

The company Sasol Solvents Germany GmbH with the plant in Moers operates a production facility in which the Ni-/Cr containing water is obtained. The elements Ni and Cr are removed from this water.

In one of the production plants, the larger quantity of selective exchange resin accumulates which is at present supplied at the time of disposal. This resin still has a residual capacity of 50% and now used for Ni-/Cr- elements. For this purpose, 2 ion exchange tanks should be installed, which are operated in series. The first container is used as a working exchanger, the second container as a "police exchanger". After exhaustion of the working exchanger they are "regenerated" and the police exchanger is converted to a new working exchanger which is operated alone for the duration of the regeneration. After regeneration, the fresh regenerated police exchanger is switched on again in series of work exchanger.

As it is "resin waste", this is removed as per the load from the ion exchanger and is then filled with fresh "resin waste" (50% of remaining capacity).