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ArcelorMittal Limited Newcastle, South Africa

Because of the good experience with ArcelorMittal Bremen, the WABE water treatment is also active for ArcelorMittal South Africa.
The location of the cooking plant and the steel plant is in the north of the province KwaZulu-Natal, 250 km south east of Johannesburg.

The engineering order includes the examination of optimisation as well as the determination of the necessary reconstruction actions of the in-house treatment plants for treatment of the wastewater from cooking and steel plant to recycled water.

The aim is to achieve recycled water in a comparable quality such as drinking water with a unique treatment concept in this field.

The duration of project for constructing the diverse treatment steps in form of a wastewater-free method for the waste water flow volume of 300 m³/h is about one year. At the end of 2010, the detailed plans for renewal and extension of central wastewater treatment plant were finalised at the site in Newcastle for AMSA.


Due to extension at the site, the treated wastewater flow volume is increased up to 420 m³/h.

Description of proposed plant
The oily wastewater from the steel plants is pre-treated in a pressure-release flotation. Along with the wastewater from cooking plant having high nitrogen content, these are biologically further treated. Up to 80% of the contained nitrogen is removed here.

In the downstream processing steps, the wastewater flow is treated through a fluorine separation, gravel filter, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis. Recycled water in drinking water quality is produced by unique execution.

The resulting sludge, for example from flotation, biology and fluorine separation, is filtered and compacted using a chamber filter press. The concentrate resulting from the reverse osmosis is evaporated via evaporator.

With the designed process concept, no wastewater partial flows are discharged into the communal sewage system.

After completion of engineering at the end of 2010, the tender for construction of the wastewater treatment plant based on the planning services of WABE at the site Newcastle, South Africa is currently underway.


View of the current plant

3D-construction of the new wastewater treatment plant